Well, to know more about this service that many Web Hosting providers in Bangladesh offer. The first time we must know that what is the bandwidth on a dedicated server, VPS or shared?

For a website to exist, it needs two things: first is the disk space of the web server, in order to host the files of the website; The second is the bandwidth, this helps you to allow outside traffic and access your files. A site needs enough bandwidth to handle all the traffic it can earn, but if you have too much bandwidth you may be paying for nothing in case your site does not require it, many web hosts these days offer plans with width Unlimited band, but what does that really mean?

What is Unlimited Bandwidth?

Judging only by the name, “unlimited bandwidth” would be a web hosting plan that will never have access problems even though a number of traffic increases.

In plans with a fixed bandwidth, a certain monthly bandwidth is allocated, which must be coupled to the traffic needs that the site receives, although if the traffic increases in large amount, your page may have problems loading Or access; An unlimited bandwidth account would be available for unrestricted use.

However, there are also faults with unlimited bandwidth, because it is physically limited by the ability of the connection cables to the web hosting servers. If each site hosted on a web server were to use all of its available bandwidth, these connections could be overloaded. The providers of web hosting Bangladesh offer unlimited bandwidth with the expectation that most sites will not reach such a high peak.

Most so-called unlimited bandwidth plans put small rules in place to keep traffic stable too, for example, many of which stipulate that you can not stream video from an account with unlimited bandwidth because streaming Video uses a lot of bandwidth.

The upside of unlimited bandwidth accounts is that it does not stop the service if it suddenly becomes popular, more than once the sites have grown rapidly and reached the maximum of their bandwidth in hours. Some web hosts simply charge more for each GB of transfer after the set limit, which can accumulate in thousands of dollars accounts.


When to Use An Unlimited Plan:

An unlimited plan is valuable if your site becomes viral, but the added restrictions often prevent it being the best option for common use. If your site is intended to be geared towards video streaming, service conditions for an unlimited account can cause a conflict. If your site does not intend to use any of the services that are banned for the unlimited bandwidth of terms of use, it may be a good option to use this type of account.

In the meantime, if a site with a large amount of traffic, content streaming or other high bandwidth activities will work. You may have to obtain an account with a fixed bandwidth very possibly on a dedicated server. This can Cost more money, but you can calculate the amount of bandwidth you will use, pay it right and avoid conflicts that can cause you unlimited service.

Not all web hosting services have the same restrictions on the terms of use of your unlimited bandwidth accounts. Before deciding whether to choose an unlimited plan, look at the terms of use to make sure it fits your needs.