Tomcat is the most widely used web server as well as servlet container. Developed by apache, it is an open source web server for running Java codes. Http and web pages with java encryption needs tomcat for running the codes. All the web pages designed in Java, needs Tomcat to run the scripts. The source code used for designing these web pages is known as servlets and Java Server Pages. For proper execution of the JSP and Servlets it is important to have tomcat in the machine.

All those who want to host a website in a rented server, it is important to have tomcat installed in it. Nowadays people prefer to host their websites on cloud servers. For websites designed in Java, it is important to have Tomcat in the server for the website to function properly. Since it needs a single operating system, tomcat hosting is not much of a headache. With more and more people opting for website hosting on cloud a lot of service providers are offering tomcat free of cost.

Not only websites but a lot of applications are dependent on tomcat servers. With growing demand of servers with this feature, service providers have decided to go for tomcat hosting. The latest versions of tomcat like tomcat 5.5, tomcat 6.0 and tomcat 7.0 are now made available on hosting websites. Both server modules and authentication modules are dependent on this web server. It has been made easily available because of its high demand. Integrated applications, security certificates and website authentications are all someway or the other dependent on tomcat. With supporting components Jasper, Catalina and Coyote, it handles jsp, servlets and http, all at the same time.