In our previous blog post, we discussed about cPanel to DirectAdmin migration for all cPanel users. In this blog, we will discuss on how can we migrate single or couple of accounts from cPanel to DirectAdmin.

Steps on cPanel server:

(1) Backup the user to /home/user_backups, replace “username” with a real username:

/scripts/pkgacct username /home/user_backups;

(2) Transfer whole /home/user_backups/ to DirectAdmin server:

rsync -avt /home/user_backups/

Done, now we need to connect to DirectAdmin server.

Steps on DirectAdmin server:

(1) Install the migration tool (only needs to be done once)

mkdir -p /root/cpanel_to_da
wget -O
chmod +x
wget -O cpanel_da_roundcube.php
wget -O php_sql_parser.tar.gz
tar xzf php_sql_parser.tar.gz
rm -f php_sql_parser.tar.gz

(2) Convert the backup and place it to /home/admin/converted_user_backup, replace username part in cpmove-username.tar.gz to the real username:

mkdir -p /home/admin/converted_user_backup
./ /home/user_backups/cpmove-username.tar.gz /home/admin/converted_user_backup
chown -R admin. /home/admin/converted_user_backup

(3) Restore it in “Admin Backup/Transfer” section on DA admin level (don’t forget to set the path to /home/admin/converted_user_backup, otherwise you won’t see the backup).

You can refer the official DirectAdmin thread from the following URL:

If you face any issue, you can ask your question in their official forum.